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Taxus baccata yew is rich in myths legends and folklore and the berries are a good example of why advising a child to always chew its food thoroughly is not universally sound. Taxus baccata is a conifer native to western central and southern europe northwest africa northern iran and southwest asia.

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It is the tree originally known as yew though with other related trees becoming known it may now be known as common yew english yew or european yew.

Yew cuttings. In this article i am going to combine my personal dwarf alberta spruce story with information about propagating caring for and selling dwarf alberta spruce. Boost stocks of lavender for free by taking cuttings in summer simply follow this step by step guide from the experts at bbc gardeners world magazine. English yew has a reputation for being indestructible and given fair treatment there are yew trees planted today that will still be alive when mankind if we survive will have escaped the solar system.

The word itself is ancient germanic and means brown like the bark. The following suggestions for the use of rhizopon aa and hortus iba water soluble salts are based on the outcome of tests and experiments carried out by international testing stations research centers scientific publications and rhizopon and hortus usas own research. The oldest piece of worked wood in the world is a yew spearhead dated 450000 years old.

That said the yew tree has a lot of history behind it. The yew is one of americas most popular plants but it would seem that most homeowners never read the tag that comes with the plant. Some of these boxes are currently available.

Yews have a mature height of anywhere from 8 15 feet and in some cases higher with a 4 5 foot spread its a seriously large plant when mature and should be given a wide berth. How to propagate or grow dwarf alberta spruce from cuttings. Yew trees belong to the genus taxus which includes several species of evergreen trees cultivated for their glossy green foliage and showy red berries.

The dwarf alberta spruce story. Click on the thumbnail photos for more pictures details about the box and a guide price.

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